Carnival Rides

We bring these awesome carnival rides to your event/party! If you are organizing a family day, carnival or even a mega birthday party… Give us a call now to book these rides!


Mini Pirate Ship

Ahoy mateys!Pirate Ship has anchored! This beautiful amusement ride consist of an open seated ship suspended from a giant pendulum. This is also known as a Pendulum ride, with boat-style gondola where riders sit in rows. The gondola swings back and forth like a pendulum.

Seating Capacity: 16 children

Measurements:8m x 5m x 5m (H)

Accommodates children AND adults!

Maximum weight of each passenger: 80kg


Bumper Car

Bumper Cars are a hot favourite in many carnivals! Children and grown ups alike enjoy giving our cars a spin and everyone loves to “bump” as hard as possible into each other’s cars. One of the most sought after carnival rides yet so far!


Trampoline Bungee

Absolutely the most fun you could imagine. A fun, healthy activity for all! A package of fun you can’t miss! Players will wear the padded harness, which is attached to twin rubber bungee cords which can help them jump higher than they normally can!

Seating Capacity:2 people

Measurements: 9m x 9m x 5m (H)

Accommodates children AND adults!



Meteorite is a ride that spins and the centrifugal force holds the riders against the wall so that it can spin both horizontally and vertically without the riders falling. A thrilling ride in many carnivals for sure!

Meteorite has never failed to be a hot favourite among teenagers and even adults!

Seating Capacity: 36 people

8.8 x 9.8 x 9m (H) 12.6m (D)

Accommodates children AND adults!

Minimum height of each passenger: 1.2m

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